Can Swanz products keeping hot and cold drinks?
Yes! Definitely. Our vacuum insulated technology keeping your food and beverages hot or cold for at least 3-5 hour, while our HOTHERMAL collection products can keep the hot and cold for 5-8 hours

Is it safe to put acidic substances and baby food inside?
Yes! Definitely.
HOTHERMAL products are 100% chemical free and non reactive towards any kind of food and beverages. It is metal leaching and BPA free as well. So rest assured.

How do I clean the product?
​​Wash your product with washing liquid detergent and soft sponge to prevent scratches. To clean narrow cape area, remove sillicone ring with sharp object and wash.
For stubborn stains, you may use lemon juice or vinegar to remove the stain.

What is your shipping rates?
Free worldwide shipping

How long is the shipping time?
Typically, orders are delivered by 12-23 days it can typically vary due to high demand or change in policies of the couriers, etc. 

What if I still have more questions?
Feel free to drop us an email at hothermal@info.com. Our friendly staff will get back to you as soon as possible.